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Greasley Globe Archives: Archived articles from the 'Greasley Globe' in 2012...

Archived articles from the year 2012, from Greasley Parish Council news publication, the 'Greasley Globe'.

HOT OFF THE PRESS! The latest edition of the Greasley Globe available to view online...

Added: 21st August 2012

We're pleased to report that the very latest edition of the Greasley Globe has just been published (August 2012) and is available for online viewing.

Greasley Globe Front Cover August 2012

In this latest issue the Greasley Globe covers the residents of Greasley uniting against the development of protected Greenbelt land in the Parish, takes a look at Council plans to improve parks in the Parish, and explores some of the highlights from the magnificent Diamond Jubilee celebrations that took place across the Parish back in June.

Additionally the Globe reports on the search for a permanent site for the Jubilee Beacon used in the Diamond Jubilee celebrations in Greasley, and explores a great summer of sporting activity at the Greasley Sports and Community Centre.

There's much more too, so be sure to have a look!

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